Project :- The Real Flag Model

Category :- Games

Date :- Friday, February 17, 2017

The Real Flag Model

About the project
So have you ever wondered about what you still need to do on DTU in order to have tried EVERYTHING? For example have you been to all the bars at DTU (there are 8 (not including the ones at the dorms)), been up the chimney in the cellar bar or tried Portis? It’s a jungle of things that you just have to try, and that is why we have the real Flag Model.

The App is an overview of all the different things to do, and a point system in which you gain points from the respective fields in the flag model according to what you have done! As well as comparing your progress to that of your friends.


Current status
After a lot of research concerning what you have to have done at DTU, the prototype is under construction.


The team behind
The real Flag Model is currently being developed by Christian D. M. (BS Biotechnology, DTU) and Cecilie E. B. (BS Biotechnology, DTU).