Young Guns

Young Guns is a new initiative launched by AppGarage. The program targets students who might not want to be entrepeneurs but still want to create an impact in the world. Turns out there’s another way to do just that. And that’s by being extremely skilled at what you do – and how can you become that? By actually getting better and by increasing your self-confidence in your abilities. And how can you get that? By showing your skills to the world and applying them to a real life business case.

At DTU Compute we’re getting swamped with requests for helping companies finding students to get a fresh set of eyes on problems they face. They want you – we’re just making the connection between you and the company.

So maybe you have a hard time coming up with the next big thing. No problem! We already have a lot of problems just waiting to be solved!

So how does this work?

It’s simple really: Companies submit projects that they would like people to look at. Students get access to the projects and help setting up everything they need to setup a freelance business. Yes this is not initially envisioned as a regular student job but rather cases where you as a freelancer does can take multiple jobs over the course of your study time. Of course some of these projects may be more of a student job nature and on a more freelancing basis. And if you do good a company may fall so much in love with you that they hire you and naturally we’re fine with that.