Project :- Zoo Escape

Category :- Games

Date :- Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zoo Escape

About the project
ZooEscape is a 3d running game, build on the same principles as the endless running games such as “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfers”. ZooEscape has the exception, that instead on running for an infinity, only to start over and do it all over again, you are running in a maze which you have to remember, and through out the game, the mazes start to become more and more complicated, with multiple new obstacles. The game theme is build around cute baby animals trying to escape the zoo and return to the wild to reunite with their family and friends

Current status
The development is currently running on half speed due to focus on other project, but with the release of Apples release of Swift a beta is expected to be available late summer of 2015.

The team behind
ZooEscape is currently being developed by Martin Meincke (Entrepreneur and BS  Computer Science, DTU). It is expected that a graphical designer will join the team at a later point.