What is AppGarage?

It’s a incuhackcellerator. Eh.. maybe it’s better just to say that it’s a place where people who wants to change the world with technology goes. Basically, we have a small office space for people to sit and work. We have huge network of mentors and a direct line into the startup community of Copenhagen. Do you have an idea for a startup but don’t know where to start? Do you just want to build cool stuff? Reach out

What do people do at AppGarage?

That depends a lot on who “people” are. Some students are interested in a specific technology hence work with different cases where this technology can be used. Some people have a concrete startup idea which they’re working with. Some people have already launched their first app and have 100K downloads. Some people are in public beta and a lot are hacking away on their first prototype.

Will I get ECTS points at the Appgarage?

By default: no. BUT some are using AppGarage as a way to turn an interesting project into a bachelor/master thesis or special course – and that is totally ok with us.

Will there be any exams?

Yes – but only by your customers. You will never go to an exam in the “classic” sense at the AppGarage unless you choose to do so by for instance working on your bachelor/master thesis or similar.

Will there be specific times where it’s mandatory be at the AppGarage?

Never ever ever ever. The primary idea with the AppGarage is that you should only be a part of the AppGarage if you have something that is extra curricular that you just think is interesting to work with. You are totally your own master. If you want to work on your project 30 minutes a week: Fine. If you want to work 24/7/365: Fine. If you don’t ever want to set foot in the AppGarage but just want to take advantage of the events or the project management help: Fine.

I have no relation to DTU and have no idea how to program, but I have an awesome idea – can you help?

Historically we have tried to match ideas with students but have been every bad at it. We know the demand is high and we’re working on something – reach out to learn more.