Welcome to AppGarage

Playground for the troublemakers of tomorrow. AppGarage is a hackerspace for students at DTU Compute. The goal of AppGarage is to help students take their ideas from napkin to prototype to fully-fledged startup. Students at AppGarage get access to a shared workspace, events and a big mentor network, as well as job or project offers from companies.


According to Wikipedia a “hacker” is a person who combines excellence, playfulness, cleverness and exploration in performed activities. It’s a place for those people.

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Make Some Noise

Technology needs masters to tame it. AppGarage got the best in class. The curious, the talented, the passionate. People who sits up all night to get the stupid Arduino to do as it’s told.

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Young Guns

At DTU Compute we’re getting swamped with requests for helping companies finding students to get a fresh set of eyes on problems they face. They want you – we’re just making the connection between you and the company.

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