Interactive Childrens Books

About the project

There are a lot of reasons why you should read books for and with your child, as well as playing games designed for toddlers. This App(which has yet to have a proper name) is going to combine reading and playing, as the child will have to perform certain tasks, press buttons or slide objects to activate fun animations and sound effects, while the parent reads the story.
With this app you can have dozens of children’s books with you, while only bringing your tablet and have hours of fun for you and your child.


Current status

The market research has ended and the prototype is being developed and sketches are being drawn. Currently the focus lies in the polishing of the very first book.


The team behind

The team consist of Sarah L. who mostly works as the graphical designer and Michelle L. Ø. who is in charge of the android development.


About the project

edCom is an e-learning platform, that allows instructors to create engaging and powerful learning materials in the cloud.
The platform collects all the different learning tools a teacher needs into a single application, and enables them to bundle these tools together and make them work together, creating a seamless integration and experience. The platform furthermore adds a layer of tracking to the materials, helping both students as well as teachers.

Current status

edCom launched out of beta in the summer of 2016, and is currently used by thousands of students each day. The team build a strong product and is now focussed on scaling the numbers of users.
The team is also focussing on building an adaptive layer into the platform, to open up to adaptive learning principles.

The team behind

edCom is driven by two former DTU students. It consists of Christian Valdemar Mathiesen (MS
Computer Science, Brown University), and Andreas Piculell (MS Computer Science, Technical
University of Denmark)