Project :- Novipel

Category :- Health

Date :- Friday, February 6, 2015


About the project

The reasons for training your pelvic floor are many and well documented, but few pelvic floor trainers today ensures that you exercise is performed correctly. If not done correctly your pelvic floor training efforts are in vain and worse; it can harm your pelvic floor.

Novipel is unique because the intelligent trainer will guide you in how to train correctly, and detect it if you slip along the way.

Novipels next generation pelvic floor trainer is currently still in development. This is done in close cooperation with experts in the field, along with a dedicated group of users, to ensure that we bring the best implementation of our vision to the market.


Current status

Novipel has a working prototype, that is ready for clinical trial in collabroration with one of the best physiotherapists in Denmark in the field of incontinence. We are currently working on raising our first round of funding, for further development and preparing our production.

Novipel managed to qualify for finals of Danish Tech Challenge 2014 at Scion DTU.


The team behind

Louise, M.D.

Louise ensures that Novipel meets the high standards defined by current clinical evidence, though close cooperation with researchers and practioners. Our clinical research is facilitated by Louise and is in compliance with the highest medical standards.

Charlotte, Company and Business Administration

More than two decades of experience in the international medical industry, gives Charlotte the tools to lead Novipel toward success. Previous experiences: Coloplast and Ambu.

Jacob, Head of Development

Jacob is tenacious and has a broad background in both IT, economics and management. He is also lead programmer of the android.

Alexander, Design

Is an industrial designer educated at the Royal Danish School of Design, in the field of product development and user interaction. Alex is focused on understanding how women train their pelvic floor, and how to improve upon that.

Peter, IOS & IT

Peter bridges his passion for IT security and IT when the infrastructure on a project like this needs a firm, secure and robust base. He is also a passionate IOS developer.

Jakob & Noam, Electro

Our Electro team is the core of Novipel. A new generation trainer, demands new thinking and innovation which is just the kind of job Jakob and Noam loves.