Project :- Tempus Nordic

Category :- Health

Date :- Friday, February 17, 2017

Tempus Nordic

About the project

Most people have tried to wait in line at the doctor’s office even if they booked an appointment in advance. Tempus Nordic is developing a platform that enables patients to see if their doctor is running behind schedule, thus warning them in advance so they won’t be stuck in a waiting room for an unknown amount of time.


Current status

After researching the market by talking to doctors and patients alike, the prototype is being developed and the structure of the platform is being set.


The team behind

Johan Poulsen (Doctor), Hans Christian (Professor of mathematics), Nick Severingsen (Entrepreneurship & Innovation student) and Aleksander York Horner (Entrepreneurship & Innovation student)
The team is also looking to expand their team with a front-end developer. (contact for questions or if you want a freelance job)