Wizard Wars – first app of AppGarage

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Only 3 months after launching AppGarage Kristian Jagd released the first app associated with the AppGarage. However, we should probably say that Kristian has worked on his app for about a year. Wizard Wars is a fun and fast paced action game for two players on the same device. Challenge your friends in a duel where reaction speed, timing and tactics decide the outcome.

Whether you’re using a phone or a tablet, Wizard Wars makes it easy to settle your arguments, humiliate your opponents or show off your superior reflexes. It’s easy to learn, but difficult to master.

The game is FREE & AD FREE, comes with 6 UNIQUE SPELLS, features QUICK PLAY to get you right into the action, but also enables you to pick your own spell combination from the CUSTOM GAME menu.

If you like the game and want more possibilities, you can buy an additional spell, the FIREWALL from the custom game menu. 

Update early 2014: Wizard Wars just passed 100.000 downloads! Congratulations! It’s average rating is 4 stars on Android Play.

Get it on Google Play

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