Project :- Bekk

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Date :- Saturday, March 4, 2017


About the project

Bekk is an early-stage, ambitious DTU startup-project that is creating the next generation of computers.
What is meant by this is that we want to use servers to do all the processing and handling of data and only make the personal thin clients a device where you only receive feedback and send input (keyboard, mouse movement etc) to the server.


Current status

Initial research is done and initial product development is started, but we are in the need of programmers and people with the desire and drive to learn and expand their knowledge and skills in computer and server programming.


The team behind
Sigurd Klasson and Atle Lycke.
Both are Product Development students from Norway. With us on the team we also have an award winning Norwegian Designer.



If you are interested in participating in this project then please contact: or