Project :- StepUp Air

Category :- BusinessHealth

Date :- Wednesday, March 22, 2017

StepUp Air

About the project

StepUp Air is developing a fitness tracker based on breathing measurement, besides the other common parameters such as heart rate. We will offer as well a connected app to display the data collected by our device. This will help anyone to train as close to their personal limit as possible.



Current status

We are entrepreneurial pilot for a year (Iværksætterpilot – Innovationsfonden), which means having funds and consultancy. We have built a functional prototype, but still need to improve it and code the app before starting the tests. We will also be incorporated by next month.


The team behind

Charles Gayot and Josephine Robert are the co-founders, both former student at DTU. We both gather multidisciplinary competencies. A software student and a former high level athlete help us in the development of the product.