LEO Innovation Lab

Hello creative creatures!

Here’s a challenge for you with a prize of $100,000.
The first deadline is only for an idea, so you still have plenty of time for the prototype!

If you are missing a team, then feel free to contact me (Michelle Lind Østrup) there are others just like you, who would like to work on this challenge.

LEO Innovation Lab is sponsoring the Skin Prediction challenge with a prize money of $100,000.

When living with a skin condition such as psoriasis, your skin tends to flare-up. Not knowing when this will happen can be incredibly frustrating.

We are looking for a technology solution that could solve this problem.Such a solution may also tell where the flare-up will occur on the body, however, this is not a requirement. The optimal solution has been tested among people with psoriasis. Solutions which assumes that users have access to a smartphone is accepted.

• Deadline for Concept Ideas: February 13, 2017 (23:59 UTC +1)
• Deadline for Protoyypes: May 22, 2017 (23:59 UTC +1)

Read more here: https://herox.com/skinprediction

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